County Cork – The Irish Solution

The Irish are Right!!

Don’t Fight It – Have a Guinness

County Cork was visited early on a Tuesday night. Thebeerchaser and four friends who I consider among the top environmental lawyers in Portland were in our group.

Since John Mansfield, a patent attorney, accompanied me to Mock Crest Tavern, (see previous June post) one might wonder why environmental lawyers were the preferred companions.  Well, if one has the choice to converse on what constitutes prior art and derivation practice under the American Invents Act, or alternatively, to discuss nuances resulting from the interaction of Endangered Species Statutes with the numeric effluent links of the Clean Water Act, most people would choose the latter.  (How about those Mariners….?)

Clearing the Air – Tanya, our Waitress and 4 Env. Lawyers

A guy at the next table who overheard us talking piped up: “You know it’s not pollution or industry that is harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water.”

We abruptly ended the dialogue when he then opined, “The recent eclipse of the sun is irrefutable proof of the unreliability of solar power.”

The pub, County Cork,  is named after the county by the same name in the southwest region of Ireland.

An Irish Geography Lesson

Since one of our party was named Brien Flanagan and he is a Notre Dame double grad, we were not concerned about fitting in. In fact, the bar has a reputation for being family friendly.  How family friendly?  It even has a play area for kids with a toy chest and a shelf full of kids books.  The 2008 Willamette Week Bar Guide sums it up:

“Go ahead – bring all the kids you want to this Irishy Irvington pub. Sip an imperial pint from Eire (Murphy’s, Beamish, Guinness) ……. while little Angus and Fiona try their hands at darts.  When they’re done poking holes in each other, stuff them full of fish and chips.”       

“Good Night Moon” – The book – not when you pass out!!

There are 16 beers on tap and also cider, Guinness and Murphy’s Irish Stout brewed in Cork County.  Also nine bottled beers and a wine list.  Drink and food prices are reasonable with Dollar-off-Pints 3 to 6 o’clock  Monday through Friday

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Interior – Although it is in a somewhat ordinary setting on Fremont Street, the bar does have the feel of an Irish Pub.  Pictures of JFK and Bobby are prominent as are signs about Irish food on the menu and live Irish music on most Tuesdays and Fridays (e.g. Johnny Connelly and Danny O’Hanlon that night).  There are two individual stalls for darts, which is somewhat unusual. The bartenders are “in costume”, so to speak.

The Food – Some of the reviews describe the food very favorably (esp. the fish and chips) although one of our party with experience, used the adjective “scary” to describe the Scottish Egg on the menu (Hard-boiled egg wrapped in seasoned pork sausage and lightly breaded, deep-fried and served with a side of house-made chutney)

301 or Cricket??

Menu “classics” included Murphy’s Stew, Bangers and Mash, Shepherds Pie and Bread Pudding.

County Cork was enjoyable and we decided to leave when Flanagan asked us if we had heard about the Irish boomerang?

“It doesn’t come back, it just sings songs about how much it wants to.”

County Cork               1329 NE Fremont

A Family Friendly Patio — Is that Angus??

3 thoughts on “County Cork – The Irish Solution

  1. Your interlocutor forgot that the sun would blow up in some 1 billion years, too. Again: highly unreliable. Also, if your attorney friends need a logic expert or argument consultant, please let me know. The proof of my ability is in the above sun-pudding.


    • Great point, Eric, validated in part, by the excellent quality of Interlocutor IPA, the primary product of Man in the Middle Brewery in Keokuk, Iowa. Thebeerchaser will also vouch for your qualifications as a logic expert!.


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