Amnesia Brewing Co. Pub

After we visited Prost, one person in our group suggested we take a “quick walk” down to the Amnesia Brewery.  It was largely a forgettable experience – sorry, but I was going to make a comment about Republican Presidential Candidate, Rick Perry and his “Oops” debate, but we’ll leave it at “forgettable.”

Memories of Amnesia Brewing???

Although they do have a good selection of beers with interesting names, the place seems more like a cafeteria – for example plastic chairs and picnic tables.  The bartender was not very friendly and Amnesia just doesn’t come close to the ambiance that made the Coalition Brewing Co. Pub such a good place to visit.

After the great environment up the street at Prost, Amnesia was as flat as a happy hour PBR — the next day

Maybe in the summer, when they open the large garage doors to the beer garden, of sorts, the atmosphere might be better (although some will complain because they allow smoking in the beer garden)

Perhaps novelist Stephen Wright’s quote is the most appropriate way to move on from this experience:

 “Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

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