The Migration Brewing Company Pub – Why do People Keep Leaving and Then Return to This Pub? *1

*1  That’s supposed to be a joke……

One of the advantages of thebeerchaser tour of pubs in Portland is that the number of bars and taverns facilitates visits to multiple establishments in one outing.  Such was the case on the night that we hit Laurelthirst – within less than two blocks we saw the sign for Migration Brewing Company and its pub.

Migration Brewing

Migration Brewing just celebrated its second anniversary on February 18th and it’s philosophy is brief and well-stated:

At Migration we celebrate the tradition of crafting great beer, while sharing the history it holds and the bonds it creates between the joyous beer drinkers of Stumptown. So come on down and share a laugh with us and take part in the timeless tradition of drinking beer!”

The rationale behind the name was beyond my research, but I assume the wings on the logo are an implicit reference. We visited on a Thursday night and unlike evenings when there are Blazer or Timber games, the place was not crowded.  Our bartender/waiter was a nice guy named Scott who was very helpful telling us about the Brewery and beer options.            

Scott the Bartender

There is a Happy Hour during every Blazer game and the Pub has Bingo every Tuesday night. The setting was pretty similar to the other brew pubs we visited including Coalition and Amnesia i.e. no frills –  big garage door (open in fair weather), cement floor, high ceilings and a patio with picnic tables.

Scott said the place used to be a radiator shop.  The brewery is in the back behind the bars. An apt description by one patron – “Unpretentious beer/wine only industrial micro joint, not unlike any other in the town.” The Coalition Brew Pub had the best environment of the three breweries visited to this point, but all lack the character of a good neighborhood or even a dive bar.

Distinguishing Characteristics They have focused on the Blazers – even to the extent of naming one of their beers after the former Blazer  i.e. “Terry’s Porter – “Big and Bad is the way this Porter plays the game.”

There are also Blazer pennants and posters throughout. Pints are $3.50 and pitchers $10 during games.   As one reviewer stated:“The working stiffs at Migration are devoted to our city’s beleaguered NBA team and show every game on their two screens. It’s not the most accessible set-ups for viewing, as one of those screens is small and only visible from one corner of the bar, but the fandom from both the business itself and its patrons is palpable.”                                                                               This emphasis has not pleased everybody and there were several comments about Migration transitioning from a brew pub to a sports bar where the crowd during games is “loud and obnoxious” and it is a challenge to find a seat or play darts.